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    Michael Gleicher
    Bio: Mike Gleicher is Professor of Computer Sciences, and is founder of the UW Graphics Group. He’s interested in most things involving the creation of use of pictures: visualization, animation, stylized rendering, photography and videography, etc. Lately, Mike has been thinking about visual comparisons, communicative motion synthesis (for animated characters and robots), and a bunch of other things. For the 2013-2014 year he is a visiting Professor at the INRIA/University of Grenoble. He came to Wisconsin in 1998 after spending time at Apple, Autodesk, Carnegie Mellon, and Duke.

    Eftychios Sifakis
    Bio: Eftychios Sifakis is Assistant Professor of Computer Sciences and joined UW-Madison in 2011. His interests include physics-based modeling, biomechanics and scientific computing. Prior to UW-Madison, Eftychios obtained his PhD degree in Computer Science from Stanford University in 2007, and between 2007-2010 had been a postdoctoral researcher at the University of California Los Angeles. He has been a consultant with Intel Corporation, SimQuest LLC, and Walt Disney Animation Studios.

Post Docs

    Mridul Aanjaneya
    Bio: I joined UW-Madison in 2014 as a postdoctoral researcher. I am interested in the numerical simulation of various phenomena and its applications to solving real world problems. I graduated from Stanford University in 2013 with a PhD in Computer Science.


    Danielle Albers Szafir
    Bio: As a graduate student in the lab since 2009, my current research pursuits involve large-scale data analysis, integrating perception and visual design, and visual comparison. My broader research interests include data visualization, computer graphics, human-computer interaction, perceptual science, and machine learning.

    Eric Alexander
    Bio: A lab member since the summer of 2012, my current research explores ways of visualizing English literature. My research interests include visualization, human-computer interaction, machine learning, and procedural rhetoric.

    Sean Andrist
    Bio: I am a graduate student from the fall of 2010. My current research involves the development of communicative characters, including both embodied virtual agents and physical robots, that can use humanlike gaze behaviors to effectively communicate with people in a variety of contexts, including education, therapy, and collaborative work.

    People helping robots help people!
    Christopher Bodden
    Bio: A lab member since Spring 2015, my research focuses on human robot interaction. Currently, I work on improving the legibility of motion in robot arms. In general, my interests include machine learning, human computer interaction, and robotics.

    Wei-Chen Chen
    Bio: A graduate student since fall 2014. My research interests include ubiquitous computing, machine learning, and data visualization.

    Michael Correll
    Bio: I have been at the graphics lab since the summer of 2010. My research interests include the digital humanities, generative art, and visualizing statistics for the lay audience.

    Ming Gao
    Bio: A graduate student since 2013, I’m under the supervision of Eftychios Sifakis. My interests are focused on physics-based simulation and scientific computing. And I am a fan of soccer.

    Ke Ma
    Bio: I’m a graduate student since the fall of 2014. My current research explores approaches to improving the legibility of robot motion. My general interests include computer graphics and human-robot interaction.

    Nathan Mitchell
    Bio: A lab member since fall 2010, I am specializing in physical simulation under Eftychios Sifakis.  My general research interests include real-time performance for simulation along with virtual reality. I enjoy thought experiments, long winded arguments, and good science fiction.

    Alex Peer
    Bio: I’m a second year grad student with an interest in communication as interface to information — expressive motion, data visualization, and providing intuitive access to the capabilities of computers and robots.

    Tomislav Pejsa
    Bio: A graduate student since 2011, I am currently working on a project to study and develop effective cross-modal gaze mechanisms for embodied agents. My research interests revolve around development of expressive animation techniques for virtual humans, particularly animation of communicative behaviors such as gestures, facial animation, and gaze.

    Alper Sarikaya
    Bio: I joined the lab in fall 2011. My interests lie in bringing better graphical tools to biochemists, and taking the task of model understanding through data visualization.

    Raj Setaluri
    Bio: I am an undergraduate student, interested in physics based modeling and scientific computing.

    Deidre Stuffer
    Bio: A graduate student in literary studies, I specialize in 18th-century British Literature. My research focuses on the history of reading and writing technologies, mediation, material networks, and Early Modern English dictionaries.


    Subhadip Ghosh
    Bio: I completed my Masters thesis on virtual reconstruction of complex interior rooms. I like dealing with a lot of 3D point data and making sense out of them!  (2012- Microsoft)

    Adrian Mayorga
    Bio: A graduate student from 2009-2013, I am currently working at Epic Systems. While at UW my research interests included controlling visual complexity in visualizations, and bringing animation tools to general audiences.

    Taylor Patterson
    Bio: Formerly a graduate student working on physics-based simulation of elastic materials, Taylor is now at Oak Ridge National Labs.


    Kevin Ponto
    Bio: Kevin Ponto is an Assistant Professor of Design Studiees in the Living Environments Lab at UW.  Kevin received his B.S. from the University of Wisconsin – Madison in Computer Engineering, his M.S. from the University of California, Irvine in Arts Computation Engineering, and his Ph.D. the University of California, San Diego in Computer Science.  Kevin is currently working on projects in the field of Virtual Reality.

    Brandon Smith Thumbnail

    Brandon M. Smith
    Bio: I am a postdoc working with Charles Dyer My desk is in the Visual Computing Lab.