Exploration of Visual Statistical Judgments

Description of Research

You are invited to participate in a research study about how users perceive information presented using different kinds of charts. You have been asked to participate because we need to know what perceptual factors determine how easy it is to read charts, given different amounts of data and different chart types. The purpose of the research is to determine what perceptual factors are involved in how users read and react to large amounts of data, using different presentation techniques.

This study will include native English speakers from 18 to 65 years old, without color vision deficiency, who feel comfortable using an online interface to read graphs and answer questions about data.

To reiterate, you are eligible for this study if and only if:

What Will My Participation Involve?

If you decide to participate in this research you will be asked to answer questions about fictional data, using a number of charts or graphs to assist you in making decisions. You will be presented with a chart, and then asked about the information that the chart displays. We expect this study to take 10 minutes.

Are There Any Risks To Me?

We don't anticipate any risks from participation in this study greater than normal activity.

Are There Any Benefits To Me?

There are no direct benefits to you other than compensation.

Will I Be Compensated For My Participation?

You will receive $1.00 for participating in this study. If you do withdraw prior to the end of the study, you will receive no compensation.

How Will My Confidentiality Be Protected?

While there will probably be publications as a result of this study, your name will not be used. Only group characteristics will be published.

Whom Should I Contact If I Have Questions?

You may ask any questions about the research at any time. If you have questions about the research after you leave today you should contact the student researcher, Michael Correll at (608)-265-2711. You may also call the Principal Investigator, Dr. Michael Gleicher at (608)-263-2874. If you are not satisfied with response of research team, have more questions, or want to talk with someone about your rights as a research participant, you should contact the Education Research and Social & Behavioral Science IRB Office at 608-263-2320. Your participation is completely voluntary. If you begin participation and change your mind you may end your participation at any time without penalty.

Hitting the "Ready" button indicates that you have read this consent form, have an opportunity to ask any questions about your participation in this research, and voluntarily consent to participate.


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