What is VEP?

The Visualizing English Print project aims to scale textual analysis and visualization to increasingly large corpora, beginning with the early modern period and expanding potentially to the entirety of the surviving printed record.

The VEP project brings together computer scientists and literary scholars as partners. We will break new ground in computational science, developing new techniques that better support humanist thinking. We will innovate in the literary sphere, showing how the introduction of computational thinking and the new tools we develop for applying it can be used to lead to new understandings of literature, language, and their development.

The key to this project is the symbiosis that occurs by cross-pollinating these two ways of thinking. In our pilot project, we made advances in each front. One of the most significant outcomes was to learn the value of the exchange of ways of thinking. In the continuation of the project, we will advance this new way of thinking, develop new tools that support it, provide demonstrations of its value to literary scholarship, and disseminate it to the community.

For more detail on the nature of the project and our goals, see the about page.