Display Overview

TextDNA leverages multiple visual displays to support visual analysis. The above image is the default TextDNA screen that appears when first loading a dataset. The components are as follows:

Navigation Pane

Aggregation Type

TextDNA offers two block encodings which display different statistical properties of the colors of the elements represented by the block.

Color By

This list defines the property of an element that is mapped to the element color. There are five default property colorings. "Sequence Co-Occurrence" and "Rank In Reference" are split coloring properties: a portion of the elements are mapped to one ramp while the remainder are mapped to another. They require you to choose the primary "Color Scheme" and "Secondary Ramp."

Order By

This menu section contains parameter settings for the ordering of elements within a Sequence. TextDNA provides four ordering options.

Match On

This menu selection specifies behavior in the display pane, specifically indicating how you wish to compare elements across sequences upon mouseover of element blocks. Options are Word, Rank, Frequency, Sequence Co-Occurrence, and Count.

Color Scheme

This dropdown contains color ramps that are mapped to elements. By default, TextDNA offers a variety of sequential and diverging color ramps, along with a greyscale.

Secondary Ramp

This dropdown is used to specify the secondary color ramps used when using split color encodings. If the same ramp is specified in the "Color Scheme" and "Secondary Ramp," split encodings will use the first half of the ramp as the "Color Scheme" and the second half as the "Secondary Ramp." The ramps are the same as those offered in the "Color Scheme" list.

Preset Configurations

This menu selection applies common Order By and Color By configurations. Presets are named for the type of data the configurations allow users to explores.

  1. Co-Occurrence of Ordered Words
  2. Term order for Common Words
  3. Frequency of Ordered Words
  4. Frequency of Co-Occurring Words:
    • Color By: Word Frequency & Order By: Sequence Co-Occurrence
    • For seeing the popularity of the most common words in the dataset.

Words To Highlight

Entering a word or list of words separated by commas in this box and pressing enter will de-emphasize blocks where input words do not occur, leaving blocks with words matching input bright.

Words To Color

Entering a word or list of words separated by commas in this box and pressing enter will transform the color blocks with words that do not match input to grey, and map a contrasting color to blocks/pixels with words matching input.

Zoom Window

Left clicking on a block in the display pane shows the elements represented by the block in the zoom window.

You can interact with the elements in the zoom window by hovering over them.

If you left click on a word in the zoom window, TextDNA maps the behavior of the element across sequences. Here is the behavior of the word "humour."

Right-Click Behavior

Right-clicking on a block within a sequence provides several ways to interact with the GUI:

  • Set as Color Reference: colors the blocks of the entire corpus according to the color scheme of a selected sequence
  • Set as Order Reference: orders the words within an entire corpus according to the order of a selected sequence
  • Show Words: generates a window that displays the words mapped to a selected block and its properties
  • Clear Line Markings: removes lines mapping word behavior from main display
  • Clear Zoom Window: clears the contents of the zoom window

Show Words

Selecting Show Words from the right-click menu generates a window that allows you to explore words within a block and their related data properties.

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