Grades and Programming Assignments

by Mike Gleicher on December 14, 2015

Some people were surprised to receive a grade for their programming assignment. And everyone deserves a little explanation. It was kindof hidden in the grading policy (sent this weekend).

We had not given you a grade for your programming assignment – you got a “check” (encoded as a number between 0-4). As we had said in the beginning, the actual grades (above a B) would be determined using more detailed factors. Recently, we decided to more specifically quantify how people did on the assignments, and to provide this as feedback.

You will probably notice that the rubric checks for a lot of things that were not required. Your actual grade is based on an overall assessment of the main pieces (for example, with P4 things like “does the painters algorithm work”). Some things are subjective (creativity in the objects drawn, or movements shown), and if things were on the edge, implementing extra bells and whistles can make the difference.

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