P14 Reality Check

by Mike Gleicher on December 12, 2015

Just to be clear about the expectations for P14 – they aren’t huge. If you do something for each of the 4 parts – even the most basic thing – will get you at least a B. So the minimum would be: A simple point process (like dim or de-saturate) A simple convolution (like a […]

Programming Assignment 14: Image Processing

by Mike Gleicher on December 6, 2015

The goal of this assignment is to give you some experience processing images yourself. We’ll provide you with code that will load an image into the web browser, and call your functions to change the image when a button is pressed, and show the results. You don’t have to use our framework code, but it […]

Reading 14: Image Processing (the last one!)

by Mike Gleicher on December 2, 2015

For our last reading, we’ll read about image processing. This is the topic of the last 3 lectures (Dec 8, 10 and 15) and the last programming assignment. We’ve finally gotten the lesson and will de-couple readings from the weekly quiz/assignments. There will be a quiz on Ray Tracing for 12/8 (details coming in a […]

Reading 13: Ray-Tracing

by Mike Gleicher on November 25, 2015

If you haven’t done last week’s reading on Perception, you might want to do that first. In class for the week of November 30-December 4th, we’ll be learning about photo-realistic (or at least high-quality) rendering. For the readings, we’ll be learning about one of the methods that is often used with high-quality rendering: Ray-Tracing. We’ll […]

Reading 12: Perception

by Mike Gleicher on November 17, 2015

Due: Monday, 11/23. (we’ll talk about perception stuff in class) Evaluation: There will be a quiz on canvas (coming soon). It will focus on material related to the previous reading (Reading 11 on Curves and Surfaces) – there may be some perception questions, but there will be more next week. Readings: If you haven’t read […]

Reading 11: Curves and Surfaces

by Mike Gleicher on November 13, 2015

Due: Monday, November 16 (for the quiz and curve readings, which were already assigned – the surfaces readings later in the week) Evaluation: There is a quiz on the curve parts of the reading on Canvas. (Assignment 11:Curves). It will be made available soon (it isn’t as of Friday morning). Readings: By now you should […]

The next set of programming assignments (11 and 13 – there is no 12) are linked together to make one bigger assignment. Assignment 11 will have you do the basics, and figure out the infrastructure. Then assignment 13 will have you add more advanced features. This project is a variant of the train project from […]

Your programming assignment submissions for 5, 6 and 7 have been graded. Students who read directions carefully in the assignment posts have received grades. Many students did not receive any grade because they did not do one or more of the following: For assignment 5, they did not post a link to their shaders in […]

Programming Assignment 10: Graphics Town

by Mike Gleicher on October 31, 2015

Due: Thursday, November 12 (see the class late policy on the Syllabus) Synopsis: Over the past few weeks you’ve added a lot of stuff to your graphics town project. This time, we just want you to add more coolness. Learning Objectives: Have a chance to put together all the concepts over the past few weeks […]

Reading 9: Meshes and Shape

by jmishra on October 31, 2015

Due: November 2 Synopsis: If you didn’t read about advanced texturing last week, this is your chance! We will begin to look at how we represent shapes. Also, you may want to go back to some of the texturing readings since they will help with the project. The Hart reading will be useful for the […]