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New handin mechanism

by jmishra on October 16, 2015

Hi Students Looks like the old handin mechanism of uploading stuff to canvas is not working in a scalable and efficient way. So we have already devised a new handin mechanism. You might be aware of the CS ecosystem maintained by the CSL. All files are kept in a distributed manner on top of the […]

New Hand-In Instructions

by Mike Gleicher on September 21, 2015

Now that we have some experience using Canvas, we are realizing that we need to change the way we hand-in programs. There are some issues with how Canvas handles files. Please follow these instructions for ALL program handins (starting with P3). When you turn in a program, please turn in ONE file. This file should […]

Collaboration Policy

by Mike Gleicher on August 27, 2015

Computer graphics is (usually) a team sport. In fact, learning computer graphics (and, arguably, learning in general) is best done in collaboration with others. Unfortunately, in a university class setting, we have the unfortunate constraint that we must grade individuals independently, so we need to have people work independently on graded assignments so that we […]

The Key Ideas of Computer Graphics (559 Learning Goals)

by Mike Gleicher on August 18, 2015

A list of the key ideas of Computer Graphics that we want students to understand in CS559. Work in convenient coordinate systems. Use transformations to get from where you want to be to where you need to be. Hierarchical modeling lets us build things out of pieces. Use homogeneous coordinates and transformations to make common operations […]


by Mike Gleicher on August 18, 2015

For this class, all readings will be made available to you via the web. For the textbooks, we will either use small portions (so we can provide the chapters via academic fair use), or Wendt Library has arranged to provide online versions of the book. So, you don’t need to buy any books. However, if […]

CS559 in JavaScript

by Mike Gleicher on August 16, 2015

For this year, CS 559 will be using web-based technologies exclusively for the programming assignments and projects in class. Yes, that means no C++ – you’ll be programming in JavaScript. We won’t teach you much JavaScript, but you will need to learn a bit. We’ll also provide you with some help in learning it (see […]