Game Proposal Pitches

by Mike Gleicher on November 1, 2011

Just to recap what we decided in class:

On Wednesday, November 2nd we’ll let everyone describe their ideas for Project 3. The proposals are described here.

Each group will get 3 minutes to present. We’ll take 3 minutes to switch groups and take a few questions/comments. If everything goes smoothly, we’ll be done in 90 minues. In practice, we may need a little more time.

If you would like to show slides during your pitch, send them to the TA before 10:00am, on November 2nd.

If you have a reason that you cannot stay until 4:30, please send email to the TA before 10am on November 2nd (so we can make sure your pitch is earlier in the order).

Make sure your written proposal is sent via email before class. We will collect them and make them available ASAP. Please send PDF files.

Before class on Monday, we strongly encourage you to read over the proposals, and think about which games you might want to make – so you can have a good discussion with your group to pick a game.

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