No Assignments… (and a chance to catch up)

by Mike Gleicher on December 4, 2015

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At least one person noticed there was no assignment for this week. And I haven’t posted one for next week either. And I didn’t update the “week in 638” either.

For those of you who were keeping to the schedule – I’m sorry.

Hopefully, you’ve done all the old stuff (Program 5 and the Design assignment). If not, you get a little chance to get caught up.

For the next topic, it’s hard for me to come up with things for you to read before lecture – so I will give you the readings (and a programming assignment) after Tuesday’s lecture – this will be a chance for everyone to catch up.

In class on Tuesday, we’ll talk about Bootstrap. A very popular library/framework – I’m not exactly sure what to call it. Part of the problem with Bootstrap is that it is the answer to a bunch of questions – but until you ask those questions, it’s hard to be motivated to learn how to answer them.


In class on Tuesday (12/8), we will try to do some things (like the modal dialog that we talked about in the last class) – and see how hard they are. And then we’ll see how Bootstrap makes them easy. After that, you’ll hopefully be motivated to learn about Bootstrap. To help motivate you, we’ll give you an assignment to do some of those same things we do in class (which will be much easier with Bootstrap – or something like it).

If you’re wondering, the last class day (12/15) we will talk about TypeScript. I need the 2 weeks to learn about it myself – but it’s very cool.

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