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by Mike Gleicher on December 13, 2015

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(We will talk about TypeScript in the last lecture of the class. You won’t have to read about it, or do anything with it. But in the event I inspire you to learn more about it, here are some resources).

I am just learning about TypeScript myself… so these resources are what more of “what I’ve been looking at to understand it” – than something I can say I’ve actually made use of in starting to do TypeScript programming.

The official TypeScript web page has a tutorial, which focuses on how to get the compiler set up, and gives a basic example. The “HandBook” gives all the gory details – but in a way that makes it pretty easy to learn what is going on.

The Definitely Typed web page is the place to find definition files for the various libraries you use in JS and want to access from TypeScript. They have a really nice list of resources to Learn TypeScript.

There are some random bloggers that talk about their experience with TypeScript, which can be interesting since it gives a sense of why different people like/dislike it.

  • NCZOnline (from 2012) – a nice introduction. I think some of it is a little out of date as both TypeScript and JavaScript have evolved. But it gets the main points across.
  • TypeScript DeepDive – this is a whole book. It focuses on how TypeScript implements “future” JavaScript (as of 2015, ECMA6 is still future).
  • A random blog post about getting started with typescript. One of the first that came up for me. Gets at a few basic features in an easy way.
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