Some Info on Final “Grades”

by Mike Gleicher on December 22, 2015

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Since some people are already asking…

First: this was a pass/fail course. Because of the way the university’s computers work, I have to give you a grade, with the understanding that it will be converted to a P/F for each student. (assuming that you actually signed up pass/fail). If you see a grade and are unhappy with it, well, you shouldn’t be seeing it to make you be unhappy.

I apologize to those of you who truly did great work in this class: I have no way to reward you. I didn’t collect sufficient information to consistently identify you. Hopefully, the increased learning, the satisfaction of doing great stuff, and the admiration of your peers (who got to see it when it was posted publically) is enough reward.

Second: if you look at your grades on Canvas, you will notice that it will often say “2/4” or “2/0” on later assignments – even if you did an amazing job. For the later assignments, it was purely check/no-check grading. In my view, it’s obvious that all scores are 2 or 0 – but it might not be clear to you that when you got a 2 on P6 that was the highest score you could get.

Third: Failing: You will receive a failing grade if you (1) turned in half (or fewer) of the graded assignments or (2) turned in less than 2/3 but many of the assignments you did were poor (on things where we did more than check/no check grading). In all cases, people in category 1 also turned in sub-par assignments for the few they did turn in. For the 2 people in category 2, all of your assignments were examined carefully. I am guessing that those of you who failed are probably expecting it (and also are unlikely to read this).

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