Assignment 4

by Kevin Ponto on March 4, 2011

This assignment has 3 parts as to be presented in class 3/10/11

First: Choose a team name.  When we come back from break I will have you create project pages (and names

Second: On Thursday, present the idea(s) you are currently exploring for your project.  As a class I like us to bring up any concerns, suggestions, etc.

Third: I want you to create a project with at least 3 from the following list

  • Add a dynamic object in the scene
  • Add an object that you can pickup and move around
  • Add an animation to the scene
  • Add a sound(s) for events
  • Create some kind non-standard interaction paradigms (something different from what mechdyne has already programmed)
  • Create a callback event
  • Add some kind of multi-object interaction paradigm (ie throwing an object at another object)

email me with any questions you may have.

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