by Kevin Ponto on May 4, 2011

Here is an update on how the final grading will breakdown

Attendance and Participation 20%

This not section is a combination of you not only being there, but also being engaged.  Each class missed reduced this section by 10%.

Readings and Comments 20%

Comments posted on time were given 1 normalized point, comments posted a day late were given 0.5 normalized points, comments posted 2 days late were given 0.25 normalized points

Assignments 10%

Assignments ended up playing a much smaller role in this class than originally anticipated.  I believe everyone did a good job on the few assignments we had.

Project Posting/ Presentation(s) 10%

Posting comments, etc.  The comments will be scored as a group, but scores for the presentations may vary by the individual.

Project Group Work: 20%

The overall success of your project, work you put in, etc.  All members receive the same grade.

Project Individual Work: 20%

In this category group members may receive different grades.  This grade will be assessed from your presentation, end of class email, and my work with individually (if applicable)

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