Projects in Virtual Reality Final Presentations

by Kevin Ponto on May 5, 2011

Projects in Virtual Reality Final Presentations
Saturday, May 7th, 2011 — 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM
The Forum at the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery

The Galaxy Map Project
Time: 1:00 PM
Presented by the WuCave Clan: Joe Kohlmann, Russel Mommaerts, Rebecca Hudson, and Nathalie Cheng.
We created an immersive, interactive map of the Milky Way galaxy. Users explore
celestial bodies such as nebulae, solar systems, planets, and the galaxy itself
through an interactive zooming user interface. Slick transitions and a dynamic
soundtrack introduce viewers to the grand scale and beauty of interstellar space.
Link: Description Blog

2:00 PM

Presented by Nathan Mitchell, Reid Sawtell, Jitt Tiachunpun, and Alex Langenfeld.
NetCAVE is an attempt to recreate the classic NetHack and Rogue games inside a CAVE
environment. This includes a grid style movement scheme, dynamic lighting that only
illuminates areas near the user, and a simple combat system with the dungeon
Link: Description Blog

Jeepers Creepers
3:00 PM

Presented by Jon Kusko, Leo Bezroukov, Rachina Ahuja, and Andrego Halim.
Our project is an interactive first person shooter game. The objective is to defend
yourself against monsters and other creatures while building up your score by
killing them. You will have to navigate your way through a creepy environment and
beware of traps and surprises.
Link: Description Blog

Gypsy Space Muffins
4:00 PM

Presented by Aaron Bartholomew, Liana Zorn, Scott Hahn, and Nick Rehberg.
Our project is a music visualization game. Mind-blowing and psychedelic environment
that visualizes music through insane particle and rendering effects. You must
collect creatures that swim through this environment in order to unlock the secrets
of the universe. This system can visualize any arbitrary MP3 file, so bring any song
you want (preferably flash drive).
Link: Description Blog

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