Final Thoughts (Super Delayed)

by Kevin Ponto on May 23, 2011

As opposed to sending a mass email, I thought I would post my some final thoughts on here.  I started this post before sending grades and then for some reason thought it wasn’t worth posting.  I have since reconsidered, so here it is, the super delayed final class post.


Grading for this class is very difficult.  In the end there was a decently sized excel file that was used to calculated everyone’s grades.  As this process was more quantitative than qualitative, some people lost points on rather silly things.  For the most part I think this process turned out favorably for most people, but feel free to email me with any questions.


I think the thing I was most pleased with reading the evaluations was that almost everyone was happy with how their final project turned out.    Pretty much everyone felt like there were more things they could have added, things they could have improved on, but were pleased with the result.  I also think having the final projects open to the public ended up being a positive experience all around (for the students, building, and public) and may lead to more events being planned like this in the future.

The criticisms of the class were rather spread out.  On of the common requests for more lectures, especially ones on computer graphics.  Another common criticism was that the room was not well suited for discussions.  People also wish we had gone into greater details on the internals of the CAVE.  Also, people wish we could have tied the lectures with the projects.  Reviews were very mixed on issues such as, should we have a textbook, should the class have tests and quizzes.

Moving Forward

As you may have already noticed, the access to WID has been removed.  If you want to go over and test things (especially now that everything is up an running) just send me an email.  I will be splitting my time between CS and WID for the summer months.  Also, if you would like to do a VR reading group, let me know and I can do my best to facilitate it.

Also, feel free to post any photos, videos, etc on your project pages on here (I haven’t taken away anyone’s access to the website).  It might stand as a good archive of all of the work you did for the final months of the class.

In Conclusion

I want to again thank everyone for taking this class.  As was said the first day, this class was very experimental.  I feel like everyone did a wonderful job working through all of the technical challenges and I hope you felt like this class was all and all a very rewarding experience.  Feel free to email me about any questions and I wish you all the best of luck.

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