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Jeepers Creepers Blog Update Week 6

by Andrego Halim on May 5, 2011

So here’s our final update two days before the final presentation:
1. We’ve added a lot of new monster models to populate the level. We’ll show the full gallery later in class.

2. We’ve designed a texturized maze level, containing various terrains to populate the monsters in, i.e. ocean terrain, forest terrain, office wall textures
And we’ve also added some fog enhancement to the levels to increase spookiness.

3. In terms of gameplay, we placed HUDs containing 3 different features: remaining bullet, remaining health, and score. This HUD is placed in position with the user’s head so whereever the head is looking within the CAVE, these info will still be visible(instead of the previous placement where it will only show on the bottom right of the screen)

Here’s a snapshot below to show the three updates we have

4. We’ve also activated some interesting animation with the creatures. In the forest terrain, a cockroach and worm have been animated and in the remaining time are planning to do the same with the stingray, ogre, etc. i.e. those models that don’t cost too much polygons as these animations can get really slow.

5.   We were able to implement an intelligent movement on the robot drone.  He will turn according to the position of the user and proceed forward.  This works on a timer pretty well although he runs through walls.  We added objects at each of the intersections to trigger the tracking but it still has some kinks.  This movement would easily be applicable to all of our monsters to give them movement, and a little more work would allow us to do billboarding.

6. In our ocean room (shown above) we added a proximity box that will play ocean waves when the user is in the room.  These proximity triggered sounds can be applied to many different sounds (thanks to Joe’s wonderful conversion of all of our Wav files) into some creepy effects.  We also have a demon baby that will appear when the user gets too close and will open its mouth and scream before disappearing quickly.

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Jeepers Creepers week 5 update

by Jon Kusko on April 27, 2011

Quite a disappointing week as far as advancement on our project.

Trying to get a second flaming skull still is illusive.   We can now get two still skulls to display their meshes together but once one is shot the flame or explosion moves in indescribable ways.  This is posing a large problem with our multiple mesh monsters and would defiantly need to be fixed to allow more than one skull or other monsters.

Animation is also going poorly.  Unable to export an animation correctly we have been unable to add any animations to our project.

The gun has seen a lot of improvement.  Fixing the sound to play on bullet fire makes it sound much better.  A laser sight was added and the bullet trajectory follows the scope quite accurately.  A HUD and reload feature were added allowing 30 bullets to be fired before needing to reload.  We plan on adding a reload sound and some time delay probably set to after the sound is complete.

Our array of miscellaneous is growing quite rapidly and we have some office objects which we are planning on placing in our level.   We tried to write a generic object class to place many different objects into the scene with the same function but were having difficulty getting it run correctly.

Also working on a procedurally created level is our goal to be completed by this weekend.  Having the level planned out on paper and the for loops written, getting the wall class to place objects in the correct position should not be too difficult.  This is mandatory for success of our project as we are currently the only team without some sort of environment.  We have carpet and unit wall objects created and they shouldn’t be too difficult to incorporate to the level.

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Week 4 Update

by Andrego Halim on April 20, 2011

– We succeeded in adding particle effects to go with a trigger. In addition to the fire that would follow skull, it would now explode when it’s being shot.

– In terms of the gun functionality, we added features to the gun, mainly adding functionality to change to full automatic.  We also found a bullet model to replace the sphere but we’re still having slight trouble to make it show up correctly.  For next week we’ll get crosshairs working and getting bullets to fire without gravity being applied to them.  It would also be nice to add some sort of reload functionality and text on the side informing the user how many bullets are left in the clip

– We’re also able to work in moving object in a certain random path, and detects when it approaches the user. For now, it would move away when that happened but we plan to have this functionality on the gun drone to shoot the user when it detects us coming.

– Overall, we’re still figuring out on how to do exports (for exporting textures, animation, and lighting) so that’s what our main focus is for next week.

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Skull Update

by Jon Kusko on April 15, 2011

I’ve got multiple meshes working on the same entity.  There is a skull and flame mesh that move together and fly around the screen.  Collision detection with the bullets stops the movement and causes an explosion to occur.  So far the simple act of hiding the skull and flame renderable after the entity has been hit has does not work.   Even after much input from Kevin and Andrew we still cannot figure out why the renderable’s remain visible even after calls should make them invisible.  Looking to the kitchen and wandoverride code there does exist the ability to preform a hide function but something seems to be preventing it.  Also the ability to scale mesh files seems to not work on particle systems, I plan on altering one of the better resolution flame osgs to be larger to replace the current boxy looking flames.

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Week 3 Update

by Jon Kusko April 14, 2011 Jeepers Creepers: Blog

-We added a skull object.  Messing with the get update function we were able to get the skull to float in a circle by changing the rotation and getting it to float up and down by by sending a time based variable through a sin function.  There is also an audio file that makes the […]

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JC week 1

by Jon Kusko April 6, 2011 Jeepers Creepers: Blog

Week 1 Accomplishments We basically got our feet wet by trying to add a couple of items to the scene and replaced the wand with several different objects.  We used this time to get familiar with VRScript and python.  Getting many different objects online we were able to create a grab-able objects with physical properties […]

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JC Update

by Jon Kusko April 6, 2011 Jeepers Creepers: Blog

Week 2 Accomplishments get familiar with VRScript use the wandoverride class add interactible objects to the scene utilize physics to launch ‘bullets’ out of the gun add sounds In more detail… We were able to replace the stock wand with a gun model that Jon found on  After lots of help from Kevin and […]

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