Basic Info

Kevin Ponto
Michael Gleicher
Tuesday/Thursday 11:00 am – 12:15pm
No textbook.  Readings will be posted online
Office Hours
3 PM Wednesdays at B1144 WID
or by appointment
As the assignments are more of a warm-up exercise I have grouped them with participation.  The participation component consists of comments on readings, attending class and engaging in class discussions.  The assignments will consist of material to be handed in and in class demonstrations when applicable.  The final project will consist of weekly progress reports and in class discussion.  The final presentation will be open to the public and should be well polished.  As opposed to giving sub components of how much every individual item will be worth, I will for the moment just give the higher-level break down.
Participation and Assignments: 50%
Final Project: 50%
Currently, there are no exams for this course which is why attendance and participation are a must.  If you have any questions of how things will be tallied or as to my current evaluation of your performance, please stop by my office hours or schedule an appointment.

  1. Students are responsible to be aware of announcements on the course web. This will be the primary way for making announcements.
  2. Class attendance is mandatory, and participation is an essential component. If you need to miss class, tell us ahead of time.
  3. Late assignments (and work) are discouraged. Most deadlines are there for a reason (for example, read something to be ready to discuss it in class, or finish one project before the next one starts). Please make arrangements if you need extra time for something.
  4. Students are to use the course web (Wiki) in a responsible manner. You should not exploit the lack of security. For example, do not damage another person’s work, or look at someone else’s writing before you complete your own. Do not do anything that prevents the instructor from being able to read or edit anything.
  5. Students must give proper attribution for any pieces used as part of their work.

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