The purpose of the readings are to get you thinking about concepts of Virtual Reality.    Each reading will have a few discussion questions aimed to 1) let me know you did the reading and 2) to become the starting point for a class dialogue.

Please answer the questions in the comment section by 11:59 Sunday before the Tuesday section of class.  On the Monday before class I will activate all of the comments (so that they will become visible to everyone).  At this point feel free to start a conversation in the comment section (I will automatically approve comments) which can hopefully continue until the Tuesday class.  This is an opportunity for people who are more reluctant to speak up during time to get their opinions heard (and let me know that you are engaged in the readings)

Please print out these articles and bring them with you to class on the Tuesday for discussion

I also suggest marking up the printouts with questions, sections you find interesting, and/or points you agree or disagree with the author on for each of the readings.  This will also let me know that you are thinking about what you have read.

Week 1 (For class 1/25/11):

Mel Slater Articles

The Ultimate Display

Week 2:

What’s Real About Virtual Reality?

A head-mounted three dimensional display

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