If you missed class today (Friday, 9/8)

by Mike Gleicher on September 8, 2017

Some people may have missed class because they didn’t enroll yet. Or didn’t pay attention to the web site that said that this week Friday is no optional. Or, you just had something else to do.

But, if you missed class (and please, try not to miss class in the future)…

The slides from lecture are on Canvas.

The in class excercise is from:
45 ways to communicate 2 numbers

Try to generate as many ideas as you can before looking at the 45 he provides.
Then try to see if you can categorize and describe the different designs. You should try to do the exercise on your own – you don’t need to send me your answers! You missed out on some creative designs from your classmates, and some discussion of what this tells us about how to think about visualization.

Also, be sure to read through the “How to Visualize” on the course web (since we’ll talk about the 4 step process), and the 4-design moves example.

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