The Week in Vis: Week 2 (Sep 11-Sep 15)

by gleicherapi on September 8, 2017

Last week, we got started with some introductory material and a simple design exercise. If you haven’t done last week’s readings&discussion and seek and find, please do those immediately! It’s important that you do them – it’s more than just making sure the class mechanics work.

This week, we’ll have a more regular schedule with class meetings on Monday and Wednesday, and a reading with discussion (first post due on Tuesday), and a seek and find (due on Friday).

The basic topic is to get some foundational perspective on visualization by asking the question “Why” (do visualization, does visualization work, …). We’ll also talk about critique and practice it a little.

Hopefully, all of the enrollment issues will settle out and we’ll figure out whose in the class and who isn’t.

Learning Goals (for this week)

  1. Appreciate the range of reasons why visualization is useful.
  2. Get a perspective on key foundations (perceptual, cognitive, task effectiveness, …)
  3. Get some historical perspective on visualization
  4. Begin to think in terms of task
  5. Understand what effective critique is and how to do it.
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