The Week in Vis: Week 9 (Oct 30-Nov 3)

by gleicherapi on October 28, 2017

Week 9 (Mon, Oct 30-Fri, Nov 3) – Color

While the intention for last week was to talk about human perception, we instead took class time to discuss experiments. And we spent a day with a design exercise to think about many aspects of abstract problems, tasks, designs, evaluations, etc.

This week is “color week.” We’ll also talk about other aspects of perception (that we didn’t get to last week). Depending on how things go, we may do an in-class design exercise on Wednesday, or we might continue to discuss color and save the ICE for the following week.

Hopefully, you are well into Design Challenge 2. We’ll try to get DC1 feedback to you this week.

Learning Goals (for this week)

  1. Understand color from the physics, perceptual, display, and semantics points of view.
  2. Understand how different aspects of color (perception, physics, semantics) limit what color can and can’t be used for in visualization.
  3. Appreciate the design of color ramps, especially the issues with rainbow ramps and the utility of “brewer style” ramps.
  4. Understand how to choose good color mappings and use color as an effective encoding.
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