The Week in Vis: Week 15 (Dec 11-Dec 15)

by gleicherapi on December 10, 2017

Week 15 (Mon, Dec 11-Fri, Dec 15) – The Finale!

We’ve gotten to the end of the semester.

Last week, we spoke about 3D and scientific visualization – although the two are really separate. Sadly we didn’t get to cover either in depth. Also, you (hopefully) are making good progress on design challenge 3.

This week, the topics are a little less focused. The “readings” cover two things that I wanted to get to in class, but may not get to discuss in lectures: animation and presentations. These are useful topics.

In class on Monday, we’ll talk about topic model visualization, in honor of a visitor (Prof. Eric Alexander, who got his start in visualization in the 2012 edition of this class). On Wednesday, we’ll have a “summary” lecture and I’ll talk about one of the last topics (presentations).

Remember that DC3 assignments are due on Sunday, December 17th. This is a pretty tight deadline – since I need to get grading done. (I am aware that I am behind on grading – in particular, I had hoped to get DC2 back to you).

If you haven’t already done so, please do the course evaluation

Learning Goals (for this week)

This week is really “leftovers” – but these are two topics that I really want to be able to get to.

  1. Appreciate the “art” of presentations, and have some ways to think about it effectively to improve your own practice.
  2. Understand how animation can be used in visualization (and vice versa)
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