by Mike Gleicher on December 22, 2017

In case you’re wondering where grades came from…

Grading worked exactly as I said it would on the Course Policies.

For reading/discussion and seek and find, we used the scores. If you got nearly everything (missed a few, most of them complete) you got “full score” – which is the A/AB border. Each one counted for 1/3 of your grade.

The design challenges counted for the other 1/3. I computed things both weighting them evenly, and weighting them according to the number of weeks – and gave each person the one that was higher.

I then penalized people who missed a lot of the in-class assignments. (up to 1/2 grade)

I then penalized people who were chronically late. I considered anything with a day of a deadline ontime. I looked at the median lateness – if you were late more than you weren’t, there was a problem.

For people who were just below a grade boundary, I looked at the contents of your discussions and seek and finds. For a few people, I used this to give you an extra little bit if it made a difference. (it only could help)

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