by Mike Gleicher on July 30, 2017

This is really the schedule / list of topics / list of assignments. It’s what I think of as the Syllabus (but the University has a different idea).

What happens in class meetings is subject to change, however, you can expect that (unless there is an extreme event), when classes occur will be the same. You can use this to see when classes are cancelled, and when they are optional. (remember, the class is overscheduled – we’ll meet for approximately 30 75 minute meetings)

As this work in progress progresses, it will include links to the assignments as well.

Generally, every week there will be

  • 2 class meetings – sometimes there may be 0,1 or 3. And sometimes these are optional. Remember, it is required to attend class when there is a (non-optional) class.
  • Readings to do
  • An online discussion – usually connected to the readings, with the first posting due on Tuesday
  • A seek and find – due on Friday
  • Some part of a design challenge

Week 1 (Mon, Sep 4-Fri, Sep 8) – What is Visualization

Week 2 (Mon, Sep 11-Fri, Sep 15) – Why Visualize

Week 3 (Mon, Sep 18-Fri, Sep 22) – Abstractions

Week 4 (Mon, Sep 25-Fri, Sep 29) – Encodings

Week 5 (Mon, Oct 2-Fri, Oct 6) – Design School / Research

Week 6 (Mon, Oct 9-Fri, Oct 13) – Implementation

Week 7 (Mon, Oct 16-Fri, Oct 20) – Evaluation

Week 8 (Mon, Oct 23-Fri, Oct 27) – Perception

Week 9 (Mon, Oct 30-Fri, Nov 3) – Color

Week 10 (Mon, Nov 6-Fri, Nov 10) – Interaction

Week 11 (Mon, Nov 13-Fri, Nov 17) – Uncertainty

Week 12 (Mon, Nov 20-Fri, Nov 24) – Dealing with Scale

Week 13 (Mon, Nov 27-Fri, Dec 1) – Graphs

Week 14 (Mon, Dec 4-Fri, Dec 8) – 3D and SciVis

Week 15 (Mon, Dec 11-Fri, Dec 15) – Presentations

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