Graphics Town Gallery

Our class made some really cool towns! This shows screenshots from some of them. We gave each of the different projects a label (apologies to the creators).

Flame Land

A flame moves as it walks randomly, helicopters swoop,… what more could you ask? Check out the shadows and bump maps.


Atlantis world rises from the sea at startup.

Lanterns Land

A person with a lantern walks in the night (and day), a particle system water fountain which falls with gravity (and slides on the fountain surface with some friction), lighting shaders on windows.

Out on the prairie?

Billboarded grass, a reflecting pond: this is the life.

Sculpture land

Displacement mapping, bump mapping, falling colorful “leaves”, cars obeying stoplights…

Halloween Time

Pumpkins, owls, it’s wicked.

A Mysterious and Odd Study

Crawling bugs, a book that opens as it falls through the middle of a spiral staircase… and did we mention the doors that seem to open to other rooms, but which don’t actually exist when you walk through them?

A Land of Owl Extermination

Owls come out at night and you can kill them with a laser beam.

Star Wars World

Need we say more?

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