Graphics Town Gallery

The class made some very cool graphics town in the final project. Here are a few of them. Please note that the project title might have changed here.


it all started when a group of three unlucky graphics students found themselves stranded on a tropical island

Graphics Town Apocalypse

Scary Cyber hand that emerges from the ground and drags buildings and zombies below. Press a button and it’s the end of the world and the hand comes right for you.

Snake Town

An open field with flowers and grass swaying in the air. Their are snakes moving around and some fireflies at night!

The Village

People walking around their little neighborhood, semi realistic water glowing lights and a pretty cool bump map.

Crumbling Parthenon

The Parthenon finally crumbles down and the local 559 news channel covers it live!


The Capitol finally gets a fountain! But no, State street gets filled up with Zombies at night

Future City

Floating vehicles from the Jetsons, builds which look like the Space Needle and cars which you can only dream of. It’s all in there.

The UFO has landed

A peaceful town lying, between the Hegiht-mapped mountains and the Multitexture River. But across the river lies danger…the aliens have landed.

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