Getting Started

The course web has a lot to read. Here is a suggestion as to where to start (and a recommended order you could look at them):

  1. Check the Overview page to get a basic sense of what the course is going to be.

  2. Check the Course Pre-Requisites (should you be here?) page to get an idea of what you need to know to take this class.

  3. Check the Books page to see what books we will use in class, and why you don’t need to buy any (but can if you want to).

  4. Look at the Tools page to see what tools you will want to gather together to do the assignments in the class. The software page Software gives some instructions on how to install things. We recommend that you use Visual Studio Code (see Visual Studio Code (VSCode) for CS559).

  5. The Javascript in CS559 page discusses the use of JavaScript in CS559, and gives some suggestions on how to learn it if you haven’t already. There is a page of using typing information with JavaScript (Typed JavaScript and CS559) that discusses some more advanced topics that you will see in the example code.

  6. The Policies page will give you a sense of the rules for how the class will operate.

Before class starts, we recommend that you:

  1. Have a look at the web pages above.
  2. Register for an account on GitHub if you don’t already have one.
  3. Set up the tools you will want to use for the class and try them out.
  4. If you haven’t done any JavaScript programming before, have a look at some of the resources on the Javascript in CS559 page and try to do a little JavaScript programming. Read some of one of the books, maybe watch some of the videos, but also try things out!
  5. If you’ve never used GIT before, you might want to read about it and try it out a little. See the Git and GitHub in CS559 page where I have a brief tutorial, and pointers to resources.

Other pages that you might want to look at:

  1. A discussion of Workbooks that we will use in class
  2. Why we recommend Visual Studio Code Visual Studio Code (VSCode) for CS559
  3. Using typing with plain javascript Typed JavaScript and CS559