Lecture 18: Texture

The second video lecture has been posted! This is lecture 18, which would have occurred on March 25th if everything were normal. Which, of course, it isn’t.

I am still getting the hang of making videos. I am hoping they will get better with practice. The segments are still a little longer than I would have hoped.

The topic is texturing, which will be Workbook 9. The JavaScript Tip of the Day is useful for Workbook 8, and the review will give you a concise summary of the last lecture (useful for the Quiz).

The video is in four parts:

  1. Lecture 18A - Introduction (overview, JS tip of the day, review) - 14 mins
  2. Lecture 18B - Basic Texture Mapping Basics - 20 mins
  3. Lecture 18C - Texture Mapping in THREE - 13 mins
  4. Lecture 18D - How Texture Mapping Works - 32 mins

You can have the before or after slides to look at if you want to take notes while your watch.

The Demo that I showed is available online as part of the FrameworkDemos.

The reading that goes along with this lecture is Fundamentals of CG-Ch11.pdf (which will be in Workbook 9). The chapter covers much more than the lecture (some of which we will get to in next week’s lecture).