Lecture19-20: More Texture

For this weeks lectures (which would have been in class lectures 19 and 20), I broke the content into 5 pieces based on topic (rather than arbitrary lengths). This is the same material that would have been covered in 2 lectures.

This material will be used in upcoming workbooks (Workbook 10-12), although you might find it useful for Workbook 8.

  1. Lecture 19/20 - Part 1 - Basic Texturing Review - 16 minutes (slides after)
  2. Lecture 19/20 - Part 2 - Fake Normals and Bump Mapping - 23 minutes (slides after)
  3. Lecture 19/20 - Part 3 - Other Texture Tricks - 22 minutes (slides after)
  4. Lecture 19/20 - Part 4 - Sky Boxes and Environment Maps - 23 minutes (slides after)
  5. Lecture 19/20 - Part 5 - Shadow Maps - 15 minutes (slides after)

You can have the before or after slides to look at. If you want all 5 parts in one file, there is Lecture19-all-after.pdf.

The demos that I show are available online as part of the FrameworkDemos.

The reading that goes along with this lecture is Fundamentals of CG-Ch11.pdf. You may want to review the lighting concepts (from Lecture 17 and Fundamentals of CG-Ch10.pdf).

Advanced texturing is not covered well in the texts. Additional readings will be recommended in Workbook 10.