Week 11 Lectures (21 and 22)

The Lectures for Week 11 are available on Kaltura.

Rather than 2 75 minute lectures, I broke things into 5 parts, one of which was long enough that I further broke it into 2 parts (so there’s 5A and 5B). They are still probably too long for video lectures - you probably want to pause every 10 minutes or so.

You can get the slides for all 6 parts in one big PDF file. You can also grab each of the lectures notes without my annotations in the before folder.

If you want to see a “more traditional” lecture on the pipeline, you can see the lecture capture video from last year. I did things in a bit of a different order. Also, in the video, I am spending a lot of the time standing in front of the screen pointing at things, so you not only won’t see me in the podium cam, but you won’t see what I am pointing at. And it doesn’t cover Rasterization, Aliasing, or Visibility very much.