SVG Tutorials (from 2014)

These pages have SVG Tutorials from 2014 and 2015.

They were converted from WordPress because of some html issues. The content has not been updated

A newer version of these tutorials is available at:

SVG1: Getting Started with SVG

SVG is a file format for 2D vector (or object-oriented) graphics. (see the vector vs. image discussion). It is a web standard, and is now well supported by all major browsers. Read more…

SVG4: Groups, Transforms, Re-Use, and Hierarchies

(originally from Fall 2014 - CS559 Computer Graphics)

In the last tutorial we saw that we could make groups out of primitives, and that we can also apply transformations to elements. The examples just applied transforms to primitives, but, of course, we can apply transforms to groups.

Read more…

SVG6: Curves in SVG

SVG has good facilitities for drawing 2D curves. This is a good way to experiment with Bezier curves (since it supports them). Read more…