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Simplicial Families of Drawings

Lucas Kovar, Michael Gleicher
Proceedings of User Interface Software Technologies (UIST) — oct 2001
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    In this paper we present a method for helping artists make artwork more accessible to casual users. We focus on the specific case of drawings, showing how a small number of drawings can be transformed into a richer object containing an entire family of similar drawings. This object is represented as a simplicial complex approximating a set of valid interpolations in configuration space. The artist does not interact directly with the simplicial complex. Instead, she guides its construction by answering a specially chosen set of yes/no questions. By combining the flexibility of a simplicial complex with direct human guidance, we are able to represent very general constraints on membership in a family. The constructed simplicial complex supports a variety of algorithms useful to an end user, including random sampling of the space of drawings, constrained interpolation between drawings, projection of another drawing into the family, and interactive exploration of the family.

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