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Computer Puppetry: An Importance-Based Approach

Hyun Joon Shin, Jehee Lee, Michael Gleicher, Sung Yong Shin
ACM Transcations on Graphics, Volume 20, Number 2 — apr 2001
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    Computer puppetry maps the movements of a performer to an animated character in real-time. In this article, we provide a comprehensive solution to the problem of transferring the observations of the motion capture sensors to an animated character whose size and proportion may be different from the performer’s. Our goal is to map as many of the important aspects of the motion to the target character as possible, while meeting the online, real-time demands of computer puppetry.We adopt a Kalman filter scheme that addresses motion capture noise issues in this setting.We provide the notion of dynamic importance of an end-effector that allows us to determine what aspects of the performance must be kept in the resulting motion. We introduce a novel inverse kinematics solver that realizes these important aspects within tight real-time constraints. Our approach is demonstrated by its application to broadcast television performances.

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