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A Framework for Virtual Videography

Michael Gleicher, Rachel Heck, Michael Wallick
Proceedings of SmartGraphics 2002 — jun 2002
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    There are a significant number of events that happen on a regular basis that would be worth preserving on video but for which it is impractical to use traditional video production methods. In this paper, we describe one possible way to inexpensively and unobtrusively capture and produce video in a classroom lecture environment. We discuss the importance of cinematic principles in the lecture video domain and describe guidelines that should be followed when capturing a lecture. We continue by surveying the tools provided by computer vision and computer graphics that allow us to determine syntactic information about images. Finally, we describe a way to combine these tools to create a framework for a Virtual Videography system, one that can automatically generate production quality video. This framework is based on the creation of region objects, a semantically related region of video, despite the fact that we can reliably only gather syntactic information.

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