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Stylizing Motion with Drawings

Yin Li, Michael Gleicher, Ying-Ching Xu, Hyung-Yuen Shum
Proceedings of the Symposium on Computer Animation — jul 2003
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    In this paper, we provide a method that injects the expressive shape deformations common in traditional 2D animation into an otherwise rigid 3D motion captured animation. We allow a traditional animator to modify frames in the rendered animation by redrawing the key features such as silhouette curves. These changes are then integrated into the animation. To perform this integration, we divide the changes into those that can be made by altering the skeletal animation, and those that must be made by altering the character’s mesh geometry. To propagate mesh changes into other frames, we introduce a new image warping technique that takes into account the character’s 3D structure. The resulting technique provides a system where an animator can inject stylization into 3D animation.

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