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Physical Touchup of Human Motion

Hyun Joon Shin, Lucas Kovar, Michael Gleicher
Proceedings of Pacific Graphics — oct 2003
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    Many popular motion editing methods do not take physical principles into account potentially producing implausible motions. This paper introduces an efficient method for touching up edited motions to improve physical plausibility. We start by estimating a mass distribution consistent with reference motions known to be physically correct. The edited motion is then divided into ground and flight stages and adjusted to enforce appropriate physical laws for, respectively, zero moment point (ZMP) constraints and correct ballistic trajectory. Unlike previous methods, we do not solve a nonlinear optimization to calculate the adjustment. Instead, closed-form methods are used to construct a hierarchical displacement map which sequentially refines userspecified degrees of freedom at different scales. This is combined with standard methods for kinematic constraint enforcement, yielding an efficient and scalable editing method that allows users to model real human behaviors. The potential of our approach is demonstrated in a number of examples.

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