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Automatic Image Retargeting with Fisheye-View Warping

Proceedings of User Interface Software Technologies (UIST) — oct 2005
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    Image retargeting is the problem of adapting images for display on devices different than originally intended. This paper presents a method for adapting large images, such as those taken with a digital camera, for a small display, such as a cellular telephone. The method uses a non-linear fisheyeview warp that emphasizes parts of an image while shrinking others. Like previous methods, fisheye-view warping uses image information, such as low-level salience and high-level object recognition to find important regions of the source image. However, unlike prior approaches, a non-linear image warping function emphasizes the important aspects of the image while retaining the surrounding context. The method has advantages in preserving information content, alerting the viewer to missing information and providing robustness.

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