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Automatic Determination of Facial Muscle Activations from Sparse Motion Capture Marker Data

Eftychios Sifakis, Igor Neverov, Ronald Fedkiw
ACM Transactions on Graphics (SIGGRAPH Proceedings), Volume 24, page 417--425 — 2005
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    We built an anatomically accurate model of facial musculature, passive tissue and underlying skeletal structure using volumetric data acquired from a living male subject. The tissues are endowed with a highly nonlinear constitutive model including controllable anisotropic muscle activations based on fiber directions. Detailed models of this sort can be difficult to animate requiring complex coordinated stimulation of the underlying musculature. We propose a solution to this problem automatically determining muscle activations that track a sparse set of surface landmarks, e.g. acquired from motion capture marker data. Since the resulting animation is obtained via a three dimensional nonlinear finite element method, we obtain visually plausible and anatomically correct deformations with spatial and temporal coherence that provides robustness against outliers in the motion capture data. Moreover, the obtained muscle activations can be used in a robust simulation framework including contact and collision of the face with external objects.

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