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Integrating Dynamic Deformations into Interactive Volume Visualization

Thomas Brunet, K. Evan Nowak, Michael Gleicher
Proceedings of the Eurographics/IEEE Symposium on Visualization — 2006
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    Non-linear geometric deformation (or warping) is a useful tool for working with volumes. Unfortunately, the computational expense of performing the resampling needed to implement volume deformation has precluded its use in interactive applications. In this paper, we show how non-linear deformations can be integrated into interactive volume visualization allowing for dynamic deformations to be used along with interactive viewing, exploration, and manipulation tools. We describe how hardware assisted volume rendering can be adapted to resample volume deformations, leveraging programmable shaders to compute deformations and the local coordinate transformations required for shading effects. We describe how volume interaction techniques, such as ray picking and plane slicing, can be used in concert with our deformation methods. Our methods extend to simultaneous display of multiple volumes enabling comparisons. We demonstrate dynamic volume deformation at interactive rates on commodity hardware for interactive deformation control, animated deformations, and volume widgets.

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