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Parametric Motion Graphs

Rachel Heck, Michael Gleicher
Proceedings of the Symposium on Computer Animation: Short Papers — sep 2006
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    We present a motion synthesis technique that allows automated authoring of high-fidelity, controllable motion streams for interactive applications, such as video games and simulations. Our technique uses a new data structure called a parametric motion graph (PMGs) that describes valid ways of producing streams of motion by concatenating motion clips dynamically generated through parametric synthesis. PMGs can provide accurate control of individual motion clips while generating seamless linear blend transitions between them in realtime. The key to our technique is using sampling methods to identify and represent good transitions between parameterized spaces of motion. Because PMGs contain a single, controllable node for each type of motion, they are highly structured, facilitating fast decision-making for interactive character control. We have created characters that seamlessly perform requested actions in realtime using different kinds of motion, such as cartwheeling and boxing.

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