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Texture-Consistent Shadow Removal

Proceedings of the 10th European Conference on Computer Vision, page 437--450 — 2008
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This paper presents an approach to shadow removal that preserves texture consistency between the original shadow and lit area. Illumination reduction in the shadow area not only darkens that area, but also changes the texture characteristics there. We achieve textureconsistent shadow removal by constructing a shadow-free and textureconsistent gradient field. First, we estimate an illumination change surface which causes the shadow and remove the gradients it induces.We approximate the illumination change surface with illumination change splines across the shadow boundary. We formulate estimating these splines as an optimization problem which balances the smoothness between the neighboring splines and their fitness to the image data. Second, we sample the shadow effect on the texture characteristics in the umbra and lit area near the shadow boundary, and remove it by transforming the gradients inside the shadow area to be compatible with the lit area. Experiments on photos from Flickr demonstrate the effectiveness of our method.

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