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Authoring Directed Gaze for Full-body Motion Capture

ACM Transactions on Graphics (SIGGRAPH Asia 2016), Volume 35, Number 6, page 161:1--161:11 — nov 2016
We present an approach for adding directed gaze movements to characters animated using full-body motion capture. Our approach provides a comprehensive authoring solution that automatically infers plausible directed gaze from the captured body motion, provides convenient controls for manual editing, and adds synthetic gaze movements onto the original motion. The foundation of the approach is an abstract representation of gaze behavior as a sequence of gaze shifts and fixations toward targets in the scene. We present methods for automatic inference of this representation by analyzing the head and torso kinematics and scene features. We introduce tools for convenient editing of the gaze sequence and target layout that allow an animator to adjust the gaze behavior without worrying about the details of pose and timing. A synthesis component translates the gaze sequence into coordinated movements of the eyes, head, and torso, and blends these with the original body motion. We evaluate the effectiveness of our inference methods, the efficiency of the authoring process, and the quality of the resulting animation.

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