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Design Factors for Summary Visualization in Visual Analytics

Computer Graphics Forum, Volume 37, Number 3 — Jun 2018
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Data summarization allows analysts to explore datasets that may be too complex or too large to visualize in detail. Designers face a number of design and implementation choices when using summarization in visual analytics systems. While these choices influence the utility of the resulting system, there are no clear guidelines for the use of these summarization techniques. In this paper, we codify summarization use in existing systems to identify key factors in the design of summary visualizations. We use quantitative content analysis to systematically survey examples of visual analytics systems and enumerate the use of these design factors in data summarization. Through this analysis, we expose the relationship between design considerations, strategies for data summarization in visualization systems, and how different summarization methods influence the analyses supported by systems. We use these results to synthesize common patterns in real-world use of summary visualizations and highlight open challenges and opportunities that these patterns offer for designing effective systems. This work provides a more principled understanding of design practices for summary visualization and offers insight into underutilized approaches.

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