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Publications in 2014
Proceedings of the 9th ACM/IEEE International Conference on Human-Robot Interaction (HRI 2014) — 2014

IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, Volume 20, Number 12, page 2142--2151 — dec 2014

Adam Bailey, Michael Lauck, Andrea Weiler, Samuel Sibley, Jorge Dinis, Zachary Bergman, Chase Nelson, Michael Correll, Michael Gleicher, David Hyeroba, Alex Tumukunde, Geoffrey Weny, Colin Chapman, Jens Kuhn, Austin Hughes, Thomas Friedrich, Tony Goldberg, David O'Connor
PLoS ONE, Volume 9, Number 3 — mar 2014

Christof Lino, Remi Ronfard, Quentin Galvane, Michael Gleicher
AAAI Workshop on Intelligent Cinematography and Editing — July 2014

Kerstin Ruhland, Sean Andrist, Jeremy Badler, Christopher Peters, Norman Badler, Michael Gleicher, Bilge Mutlu, Rachel McDonnell
Eurographics State-of-the-Art Report (EG '14 STARs) — 2014

Karen Chen, Ryan Kimmel, Aaron Bartholomew, Kevin Ponto, Michael Gleicher, Robert Radwin
Human Factors: The Journal of Human Factors and Ergonomics Society, Volume 56, Number 6, page 1163--1176 — Sept 2014

Vineet Gandhi, Remi Ronfard, Michael Gleicher
Conference on Visual Media Production (CVMP) — nov 2014

BELIV '14 Proceedings of the Fifth Workshop on Beyond Time and Errors: Novel Evaluation Methods for Visualization, page 23--26 — nov 2014

Christine Nothelfer, Michael Gleicher, Steve Franconeri
Journal of Vision, Volume 14, Number 9 — May 2014

Bilge Mutlu, Sean Andrist, Allison Sauppe
De Gruyter, page 81--124 — 2014

Eric Alexander, Joe Kohlmann, Robin Valenza, Michael Witmore, Michael Gleicher
Proceedings of the 2014 IEEE Conference on Visual Analytics Science and Technology (VAST), page 173--182 — October 2014

ACM Transactions on Graphics (SIGGRAPH Asia Proceedings), Volume 33, page 1--12 — 2014

Symposium on Computer Animation — July 2014

Proceedings of the 2014 ACM annual conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, page 551--560 — may 2014

Visualization for Predictive Analytics Workshop — nov 2014

Ragothaman Yennamalli, Rajarathinam Arangarasan, Aaron Bryden, Michael Gleicher, George Phillips Jr.
Journal of Applied Crystallography, Volume 47, Number 3, page 1153-1157 — June 2014

Computer Graphics Forum, Volume 33, Number 3, page 171--180 — Jun 2014
Publications in 2013
Intelligent Virtual Agents, Volume 8108, page 249--262 — 2013