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This page contains information associated with our submission for EuroVis 2016:
Visualizing Co-occurrence of Events in Populations of Viral Genome Sequences
(published as part of Computer Graphics Forum).

Questions requests not covered by this page can be directed to the paper authors.


The slides are available online in PDF format here (3MB).


Our software is available on GitHub, and an online demo is available here
(and the previous matrix view demo here).

Note: The demo transfers ~116MB and requires up to 2.5 GB of RAM when expanding the binary file. If your Chrome tab crashes, quit Chrome and provide the following command line argument to Chrome: --js-flags="--max-old-space-size=2800".

Both Firefox and Internet Explorer should allocate the memory required by default, though you may need to selected 'continue' in any dialog box that asks if a long-running script should keep running.


The video is included in the supplementary material for the paper. A direct link is available here.