The Sequence Surveyor system was presented at InfoVis2011 in Providence. Below, you will find links to resources for the Sequence Surveyor genomics tool, a visualization tool for the analysis of whole genome alignment data, and TextDNA, a related tool for the exploration of linguistics data. Both tools run on the Adobe AIR platform and read data from SQLite database files. Each tool is accompanied by a sample dataset and brief instructions on the basic use of the tool. The TextDNA sample data is drawn from the Google N-Grams datasets and is a recommended starting point for understanding the general functions of either tool.

For more information on the development of the Sequence Surveyor system, see the 2011 InfoVis paper: Sequence Surveyor: Leveraging Overview for Scalable Genomic Alignment Visualization

For the Sequence Surveyor genomic analysis tool, click here.

For the TextDNA linguistic analysis tool, click here.

For the demo video: YouTube

Slides from VisWeek 2011: PDF



Project Page | Sequence Surveyor | TextDNA


Adobe AIR must be installed to run Sequence Surveyor and TextDNA.

Email for more information.