Project 1 – Checkpoint 1

by Mike Gleicher on February 8, 2011 · 2 comments

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Due Friday, February 11, at least an hour before class.

For this checkpoint, each group must make a posting to the “Project 1 Checkpoint 1” category saying:

  • The names of the members of the group (since I may forget).
  • The tools you intend to use to do project 1.
  • A rough plan of how you are going to implement the “infrastructure” parts of the project (like, how are you going to divide the labor).
  • An image of what you’ve built so far to indicate “signs of life.” If your program isn’t graphical yet (for example, you’re just writing parsers), it’s OK just to give a description of what the program is doing. (the idea here is not to assess what you have, but just to make sure you’ve started).

Each group should make (exactly) one posting. Unfortunately, I do not know how to let other people in the group edit the post (other than the person making the post).

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