Project 1–Phase 2 Proposals

by Mike Gleicher on March 2, 2011

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First, read the little bit more information I’ve given regarding schedule on this post.

After you’ve thought about what you want your project to be, create a posting in the “Project 1 Phase 2 Proposals” category. You should have one per project (but if your group is doing 2 projects, make two posts):

In the posting, please be sure to describe:

  • Basic Idea. What are you going to do? What methods are you going to use to do it? If you are building from particular papers, list them. What “type” of project is this?
  • Expected Result. What do expect to have at the end? What will you expect your system to be able to do?
  • Success Criteria. What will we see at the end to know you’ve succeeded. This might describe some specific demos, or maybe what kinds of things you’ll be able to say in the writeup.
  • Work plan. Who will do what when? What you will have at the 3/11 checkpoint? What you’ll have at the 3/25 checkpoint? How do you expect
  • Foreseeable risks. What could possibly go wrong Smile? Are there particular things that you think could send this off track? What might you do to to know if these are problems early (so you can work around it or solve it).
  • Evaluation criteria. How will we decide whether you’ve done a good job at the end? How will we decide if you are making good progress at the 3/25 checkpoint?
  • My suggestion is that you write this up as a text document (preferably as a group, or subgroup), and then post it.

I will have an office hour just for this class, during class time on Friday March 4th (9:30-10:45) to discuss project ideas with groups. This is totally optional, but if you want to bounce ideas around, I’m happy to do so.

Please make this posting before 5pm on Friday, March 4th. I will “approve” the postings and make at least a brief comment on each Friday night or Saturday.

Before 5pm on Monday, March 7th, each person must comment on at least 1 other project. (giving more feedback to others is helpful). Try to help your classmates find the unexpected problems in their plans early!

One Friday, March 11th, there will be a project checkpoint. In addition to showing me how far you’ve gotten, you will also have the opportunity to provide an updated plan. Details coming soon.

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