Phase 1 Recap – Sean, Leslie, Sajika, Subhadip

by Sean Andrist on March 25, 2011

in Project 1 Post-Break Checkpoint

1. In phase 1, we created a plugin for Maya that allows you to load in and view motions specified in .trc, .asf, and .bvh files. By selecting two skeletons in motion and specifying frame start and end times, motions can be interpolated and spliced. Since the initial deadline for phase 1, we have improved upon our interpolation and splicing methods to take advantage of the capabilities provided by Maya’s built-in skeletons. We also implemented constraints (for foot plants mostly), and tested these on files found in Kovar’s .bvh motions directory on P:\graphics.
2. We tested out our plugin on some .trc and .asf files, which worked, and then more extensively on .bvh files, since these are the files we will be working with in Phase 2.
3. Our more advanced features, such as blending, splicing, and constraints, were tested mostly by looking at the resulting motion in Maya (usually on a frame-by-frame basis) to see if the results looked correct.  It was usually pretty obvious when something was broken.

Footplant constraints (these can be hidden to reduce clutter)

The evolution from ballet to breakdance (example of interpolation)

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