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The key dates:

  • April 8th – Idea
  • April 15th – Plan
  • April 22nd – Proof of Concept
  • April 29th – Checkpoint
  • May 2-6 – Presentation
  • May 6 – Official due date
  • May 13 (approx) – Unofficial due date

Yeah, it’s a whole project in 4 weeks. We get some slack (although, we need to have everyone turn things in in time for me to grade things so that people can graduate), so its more like 5. But the first week overlaps project 1, so its 4 1/2 weeks.

Even though the focus of class will be the projects (other aspects of the class will be light), we need to have realism as to what may be achievable. But we also need to keep things moving along.


You need to pick a project and do it. As we discussed, we can shape it to your interests.

You will need to read at least 3 papers, and come up with a “reading list” of papers related to your project (that you’ve at least skimmed). For some projects, the reading load might be higher. Some of the papers I will give you, but part of the exercise is for you to uncover other pieces of the literature.

You will need to write summaries of some of the papers. (again, the number varies based on the kind of assignment you have).

You will need to make a presentation in class. The timing and content will depend on your project.

You will need to write a report. This will depend on your project.

You may need to build something cool and show it off.

Basically, we’ll work out the details so that your deliverables (amount of reading, …) as part of the project planning phase.

Schedule in detail:

April 8 – Idea

By the end of the day, Friday, April 8th, each person must have picked a project, figured out their team, and worked out a rough plan of what they are going to do. I will have extra office hours for discussions with students to nail things down.

The deliverable (by 5pm, April 8th) is an email with a few sentence description of the project, an explanation of the team, a list of some preliminary reading that you intend to do, and a description of what you intend to do the following week in order to formulate a plan.

April 15 – Plan

By the end of the day, Friday 15th, each team must send me a detailed plan for their project. Use the questions from the Project 1 – Phase 2 proposals (except the checkpoint dates are 4/22 and 4/29). The thing to add is a reading list (of things you have read, as well as things you plan to read).

During this week, the main thing you should do is plan. Hopefully, you can get started as well. But realistically, you’ll be coming off Project 1, so not too much may get done.

Based on your idea email, I will give you some guidance and specific requests for project 2 planning. I would also prefer to iterate with people on creating the plan, so please send me early drafts. I’ll have extra office hours the week of April 11-15.

The deliverable (by 5pm anytime on April 15th) is a planning document. Answer all the questions in an email to me.

Addition (4/15): on Friday, April 15th each person needs to send me an email explaining what they intent to do for their project over the week of thr 15th-22nd. This should be per-person (the planning document is per-team).

April 22 – Proof of Concept

The week of April 18-22nd is devoted for you to really gain momentum on your project. We will have no regular lectures. (I will be out of town on the 18th and 20th). If there is a class meeting on the 22nd, it will either be a discussion of projects – or something that doesn’t require any outside work on your part.

The deliverable (by 5pm on April 22nd) will be a status update. We may do these in person, or by email.

April 29th – Checkpoint

The week of April 25-29 is a week to really make your project happen.

We will have lectures, and maybe some light assignments (since some of the topics are best reinforced with some outside looking).

The deliverable (by 5pM April 29th) will be a status update. The exact form to be determined. But the important thing is that I have a sense of what you’re going to turn in, and when.

May 2-6 – Presentation

During the week of May 2-6, each person will make a presentation. We might do these all in class, or we might need to schedule some outside time. In fact, some people might get asked to present the week before.

Some people will give presentations about what they created. Some people will give presentations discussing the papers they read. Some people might discuss the ideas at the core of their project. We will plan these as part of the Plan phase above.

The deliverable (by 5pM May 6th) is that everyone must have given their presentation.

May 6 – Official Due Date

On May 6th, the project is officially due. You must turn in a report about what you did, summaries about the papers you’ve read, a self-evaluation, and your code artifact. I will probably want to arrange for a demo of your system (or have you make a video), or meet with you to assess what you’ve done interactively. The details will be provided later.

However… I will give everyone a no cost extension to this deadline. The exact details will depend on when I need to turn grades in. (basically, you need to turn in things early enough that I can grade them before the grading deadline).

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